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Tulsa, OK Dentist Dr. Mike Hinkle Wins the Invisalign Case Shootout

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Dr. Mike Hinkle participated in, and won, the annual Invisalign Case Shootout. He shows how he helped his patient Erica, who suffered from severe teeth crowding, to get a straight smile with Invisalign. The before and after treatment pictures show a complete smile transformation.

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20 thoughts on “Tulsa, OK Dentist Dr. Mike Hinkle Wins the Invisalign Case Shootout

  1. The caring of this dentist and his tenacity in treating Erica brought tears to my eyes. In about one week I will begin my own Invisalign journey for crowding at 31 and I know it will be life changing for me. Love the video.

    1. I feel you I’m 29 now and I’ve had crooked teeth since I was a little kid. This is my year to finally be able to afford to fix my teeth something I’ve been so insecure about my whole life people don’t understand how much it could impact someone’s life but when my teeth are finally straight it’s really gonna feel unreal lol

  2. Honestly, after listening to this Dr and seeing the ‘miracle’ he performed on Erica, it almost makes me wish I’d become an orthodontist. What a life changing profession it is to many people. Oh, and Erica looks great!

  3. I’m in my 40’s and I’m on my 2nd Invisalign trays. I had braces before and these are so much better. I like the trays and being able to take them out .

  4. Wow very nice,,,, I’m looking to get Invisalign, can you tell me what’s the difference between all competitors like smile direct,,, then one more question did she have to get any teeth extracted?

    1. Please don’t use those online versions , they say yes to everyone to collect the money and don’t monitor progress

    2. Lots of invisalign’s competitors don’t have a dentist checking on progress, changing plans if something is wrong, etc. He said he took out her 2nd molars.

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