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Starting Invisalign Treatment: Placing Attachments and Fitting Tray #1

45 thoughts on “Starting Invisalign Treatment: Placing Attachments and Fitting Tray #1

    1. It’s not just good teeth people have jaw alignment problems which cause a lot of problems I have a straight smile but a really bad cross bite

    1. @TheMoises1213 tbh it isn’t just plastic. Im around halfway and it’s done wonders. Theres a lot of appointments, where theres filing, binding and like where the orthodontist really picks at the teeth, theres also attachments that go in. I think the idea of them just being pure plastics that straighten ur teeth is a bit of a marketing strategy lol

    2. TheMoises1213 yes Invisalign does use rubber bands for bites, I actually just got my Invisalign today and in the next 10 weeks I will get my rubber bands

  1. This video just seems like a promotional stunt for your business showing someone with straight teeth makes no sense.

    1. I was thinking that while I was watching it.. Show someone with some jacked up teeth like mine. I’m getting the invisalign and wanna see how good it works. Showing someone with straight teeth is pointless and doesn’t prove anything

    2. NewStyle Modeling it does make sense if you don’t get them on what happens is it affects the way you eat and can cause disease

  2. Wow but why does she need 17 Trays ?! Damn I only need 14 and my teeth are way more crooked than hers (overbite, crossbite and narrow teeth)

    1. Punam Verma
      get a job if you don’t have one already and dedicate saving for it.

      Or braces, they ain’t too bad besides appearance.

  3. My Invisalign doctors aren’t using the attachments but all my aligners have several places for attachments. I feel that I’m not getting my money’s worth.

    1. +Sara Smith
      Attachments are placed on the teeth to give the trays a better grip and less wiggle room. Attachments are usually placed on teeth that require larger amounts of movement. They are also placed on teeth next to areas that will require more movement in order to stabilize the tray. Your doctor will fully customize your Invisalign treatment and can add/remove attachments where necessary.

    1. I am getting mine tomorrow and it is at night. I have a choice between braces and invisalign but I don’t k how what to pick

    2. I got mine today with rubber bands as well. How are you doing 1 year in? My teeth hurt so bad taking them off and on.

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