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Invisalign, Dental Implants, Cosmetic Veneers, and Crowns

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It is amazing what a difference a smile makes! Dr. O loves to share his passion for transforming lives with a smile. At Innovative Dental, we love to empower people to live their very best life with a smile that they love. We use the latest technology and innovative treatments like Accelerated Invisalign, 3D Computer Guided Implants, and Same-Day Veneers.

Dr. O will show how he transformed this beautiful woman's life with a smile completed as a full mouth rehabilitation! In this Innovative Smile of the Week, Dr. O first used clear aligners from Invisalign to correct the misaligned teeth and correct the cross-bite! After the teeth were aligned and the bite corrected, we placed two 3D Computer Guided Dental Implants to replace missing molars. Gingivectomies were performed to help correct the slant of the smile. Finally the smile was completed in one single visit with cosmetic porcelain veneers and crowns. The exciting part is how this smile 😃 gives people confidence.

We would love to empower you to live your best life with an Innovative Smile by visiting Innovative Dental in Springfield, MO.
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32 thoughts on “Invisalign, Dental Implants, Cosmetic Veneers, and Crowns

  1. I wish i could smile and laugh to many people😔 i dont have confidence because of my teeth😭 and i dont have money to afford this😢

    1. I know the pain that u r going thru. I too have same problem but i’m looking for the day which can transform my smile. This can only happen when i get enough money. since i’m preparing for competitive exams it is too difficult for me to request my parents to spend money for my smile treatment. Hope i’ll get the job soon to change my lifestyle

  2. Seems similar to my case but beyond. Wisdom tooth and not even visible, missing tooth, misalignment, need a root canal. They are gonna follow most of the steps you mentioned. Arranging the tooth using braces and other issues. Great work Dr O. I get fascinated by your intro always. ” what’s up guys this is Dr O from Innovative Dental …”👍

  3. Hey Dr. O! I just want to thank you for posting these videos. I’m a graduate student and I’m applying to dental school this cycle. Shadowing is currently unavailable in my area due to the restrictions caused by the pandemic. I’m glad these videos are available for me to watch and somewhat keep up with the growing field of dentistry!

  4. I was about 6 or 7 years old when my dad was throwing little pebbles over our house and into this tree, long story lol but it was because he was playing around with our cat. So anyways a pebble hit me right on my left front tooth and chipped half of it off, since than i had always gotten the partial composite filling or build up without issues..

    Now at 29 years old i go to this dental office that ive never been to before and it was the only place in the whole county that would take my insurance and they tell me i need to have a crown done on it, stupid me trusted them and agreed to having it done, so than the procedure began, they filed away my tooth to almost nothing, than they tell me i have to have a temporary for two weeks, i was shocked and felt pretty dumb for letting them do that to me but what was done was done..than the covid -19 thing started and than they all of a sudden wasnt able to cement the crown…3 months go by and i still have the temporary in which had to be re-glued numerous times in that time frame..finally they were able to open up and bring me in for the final cementing..

    I go in and the tooth was 3 shades DARKER than all my other teeth….so of course i tell them to send it back…here i am today with another temporary waiting for yet ANOTHER crown to come in and this temporary fell off this morning and its Sunday and the office s closed, this STUB is SO sensitive, just breathing in air causes me pain…I am so upset i let them do this to me, my self esteem is shot, i feel like a hillbilly and what really has me is what if there was some kind of apocalypse where there were no more dental and things like that, what would i do if the crown fell off? i didnt even need to have the crown done!!!! i had the partial filling since i was 6-7 years old and had around 3 redone up until having endless problems. its not right to treat people with poor dental work just because they arent rich, i feel so betrayed and ugly its crazy…..

  5. I wiiiiish i was able to get all my teeth fixed/repaired. The constant pain is so depressing and miserable. Why is dentistry so damn expensive.

  6. Such an amazing transformation! I have very weak enamel and was wondering if there is anything I can do to help that. Im considering onlays is that a good option and do you offer that? God bless

    1. Make sure that you use ample fluoridated toothpaste and even mouthwash to get things going in the right direction on remineralization.

  7. I have a question, please answer I’m kinda worried.

    I’m a child, and my teeth are usually perfectly fine. However recently I’ve come across a problem. A late tooth of mine has become loose, and at first it seemed good. But after a few days, it became extremely loose, and still didn’t come out. And now, another day or two later, I’ve noticed a smooth brown tube like thing that my tooth hangs from. It enters my gums and I’m worried it’s an exposed root. My question:

    If this is an exposed root, can it be treated? This may sound stupid but I’ve never had these problems and I can’t eat without it misplacing itself very uncomfortably.

  8. I’ve noticed some doctors say flossing an implant is important and others say to NEVER floss an implant and only use waterpik because floss shreds can get stuck and create infection and that flossing also ruins the seal and creates pockets for bacteria. Which one is true?? I would hate to get an implant only to cause damage by doing the wrong thing.

  9. I love dentistry so much ☺️☺️I must be a dentist and transform lives too, wether the devil likes it or not 😅. You inspire me soo much. Great job

  10. Beautiful work Dr. O , as always learning a ton from these videos.

    A request; if you be so kind and guide and let us know how in times of covid-19 you are sir tightening your cross infection protocol.

    Would love it

  11. Hey,
    I have straight teeth by with a open bite. I don’t want braces at all. would I be able to fix it with veneers or crowns?
    Your channel have an incredible content. 👏🏽👏🏽

    1. Hello Maya, hopefully we can help answer your question. We are a dentist in Calgary, Canada! There is another option for you to fix your open bite! Invisalign could actually work for you! We’ve had numerous patients who have completed Invisalign treatment and have been able to fix their open bite. The bug benefit of invisalign is that you can take it out at any time and it’s not noticable to most people. You’re also able to take them out when you’re eating and drinking which can make brushing and cleaning your teeth a much simpler task! At our office we actually charge less for Invisalign than we do for braces, so it may actually end up being a much more affordable solution for you than you think! Most dentists also offer affordable monthly payment plans tailored to your monthly budget. It really depends on where you go! Hopefully we’ve answered your question! 😊 Please don’t hesitate to comment any more question you may have. We’d be more than happy to help!

  12. I’m so happy for this lady and her wonderful transformation. And you know something? Invisalign doesn’t ONLY work for cosmetic reasons. In my case I used to have pretty good teeth, however a cycling crash about 5 years ago almost knocked out one of my upper front teeth. It was just barely hanging on by the flesh but it healed! Alas, a noticeable cross bite quickly developed. Just six months of Invisalign sorted everything out. A great product, but it should be noted, it’s only as good as the orthodontist who is designing the treatment program for you.

    1. This was an amazing comment! I’m so glad to hear that Invisalign was able to help you when you knocked your front tooth out. You’re totally right though, its critical that a professional oversees the case hands on because it truly gives you another level of confidence.

  13. Sir what should i do for this scenario.
    Everytime my blood pressure goes up
    My tooth will become sensitive cant chew a hard food or even meat and fish.
    When the tooth been hit by the foos i eat it hurts.
    Please help me.

    1. You should consider visiting a dentist as soon as possible so that they can do a full exam. Unfortunately there could be many reasons why this is happening, and being able to see you will give the dentist a better idea of what’s actually going on. Hopefully that helps!

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